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Highway therapy: a Delta Ramble

BY RICHARD GRANT I was in bad need of a loose, rambling, self-indulgent road trip through the Delta. The vital thing was to get away julietta casino online from my desk and clear my head, but I also hoped to …
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Grammy Comes to Life in 2016

One of the highlights this year in the Delta will be the opening of the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi in Cleveland on March 4-6. This facility will be the only GRAMMY Museum in the country located outside of the original museum …
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Following family footprints in NYC

Last week, I had the great opportunity of participating in one of the magazine industry’s main conferences held each year in New York, the Folio Magazine Conference. For five years I had been asked to attend and tell my story …
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Your cinematic Delta

My typical Delta Friday lunch: I am dining at Ground Zero Blues Club with Mayor Bill Luckett (co-owner of this classic juke joint with his longtime-friend and business partner Morgan Freeman), and Bill is “holding court,” as I often call …
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Delta as Destination

By WILLIAM DUNLAP Mississippi in general and the Delta in particular have from the beginning experienced extreme shifts and surges in population. Rivers, railroads, markets, mechanization and, of course, the Interstate have all conspired to attract and repel hordes of Scots Irish, French, …
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