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Where to spa, Delta style

Whereas most hotel and resort spas nowadays feature sleek, ultra-modern day spas, the new Feathers Spa inside the historic Peabody Hotel stays true to its Old World roots, with dark furnishings in an ultra-traditional décor. The treatments, however, from signature …
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3 hot spots to COOL DOWN

Ready to make some ice cream memories this summer? On the road or in the kitchen, here are some spots and flavors not to miss. – Boyce Upholt CLARKSDALE Float in for frozen fun: The Holy Moly Drug Store Adrian Kosky …
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3 for the Road: Brake for barbecue!

Need a fresh way to fill your barbecue hankering? Three new joints deliver smoke and style. by Boyce Upholt Sweets Kitchen & Bar-B-Que: Smoke and blues Noticed a heavenly smell of smoke in downtown Cleveland? Thank Aaron Malone, a former police chief …
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Small Towns, Big Sandwiches

7 seriously satisfying sandwiches in lunchtime eateries around the Delta
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Greenville: classic Delta combo

In 1958 a newly married Charles Weeks and his wife spent the night in Greenville, Mississippi, on the way from their wedding in Natchez. At that time Mr. Weeks was a school teacher in New Orleans and also worked at …
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