Road trip to Helena

Road trip to Helena Written by Boyce Upholt Photography by Austin Britt   In the 1880s in his book Life in the Mississippi, Mark Twain called Helena “one of the prettiest situations” on the river. Helena had grown from rough …
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Leisure on the levee

Leisure on the Levee Photography by Greg Campbell Written by Brenda Ware Jones   They built a cabin and named it Serenity, and family life ever since has been lived blissfully on “lake time”. Erin and Mike Gilbow had lots …
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The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River The serene yet untamable life blood of our nation that defines our region A series of stories by Hank Burdine and Boyce Upholt Photography by matthew burdine, austin britt, rory doyle, and courtesy of the mississippi levee …
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Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth Pretty close to it at a B&B in Oxford By Noel Workman • Photography by Timothy Ivy When Linda Lewis Raney and her husband Holly moved to the hills near Oxford they brought their deeply ingrained Delta …
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Alice Hasen

Alice Hasen Soulful music with classical inspiration By Erica Eason Hall Photography by Austin Britt She rolled into the Mississippi Delta the way that many young college graduates do – through the Teach For America program. But what happened to …
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