3 for the Road: Brake for barbecue!

By giftshop  |  April 29, 2014  | 

bbqsandNeed a fresh way to fill your barbecue hankering? Three new joints deliver smoke and style. by Boyce Upholt

Sweets Kitchen & Bar-B-Que: Smoke and blues
Noticed a heavenly smell of smoke in downtown Cleveland? Thank Aaron Malone, a former police chief and part-time pitmaster, who opened in Cleveland in November. Named for his grandmother—whose same-named joint was a 30-year institution in Rosedale—this bluesy spot features vintage style and live music twice a week. Don’t miss the perfectly crispy barbecued chicken, and cap it with banana pudding. 122 North Street, Cleveland

State Street Barbecue: Try it sweet and mild
Most barbeque in Mississippi is cooked with hickory, but State Street’s proprietor uses applewood. It smokes clean and mild, providing a delicate, slightly sweet flavor to the meat. With fresh, local beer on tap, a carefully perfected sauce recipe, and new innovations like BBQ Pizza, State Street, at the corner of Fortification, opened in late 2012, should be around for a long while. 960 North State Street, Jackson

Dreamboat BBQ: An old-fashioned ridedreamboat
Jerry McCray’s barbeque and hot tamales were always hot sellers at his stand on Old 61. Now, in partnership with businessman Charles Evans, he’s tucked himself into a new spot downtown. Shaped like an old steamboat, this former ice creamery had long stood derelict. It re-opened this winter decked out in new elegance, with simple, classy décor—and for this delicious food, it’s worth the ride. 232 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale

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