8 ultimate eats: a Delta road trip

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Inevitably a list like this will displease someone. There are just too many delicious options to include them all. In compiling this list I claim an unusual qualification: I’m a Yankee. I’ve been here seven years, and I know my way around; but I’ve got out-of-town visitors at least a couple of times a year, and I’ve learned how to give them the “true” Delta experience—or as much of it as I can squeeze into a few days. – BOYCE UPHOLT

1. Dinner and cocktails, Acre MEMPHIS Though it’s in Memphis, you should think of Acre as a Delta spot: chefs Wally Joe and Andrew Adams are Cleveland boys, and weave together various cuisines—from Chinese to New Orleans—that influence the way we eat. Besides, you gotta have a spot to rest before that long drive from the airport. 690 South Perkins Road, Memphis, (901) 818-2273

2. Breakfast at the Mid-Town Laundromat & Snack LELAND Breakfast is strangely hard to come by around the Delta. But it seems fitting that one of the best spots is a bright-pink Laundromat. Really, there’s nothing more Delta than this: eggs, grits, sausage, bacon, pancakes, biscuits—for little more than a few bucks. 404 North Broad Street, Leland, (662) 686-7106

3 Tamales at White Front Café ROSEDALE
No trip is complete without a taste of the Delta’s true food. And White Front, so long as you can catch it open, is bound to live up to its legendary reputation. 902 Main Street, Rosedale, (662) 759-3842

4 Porterhouse at Doe’s GREENVILLE 040…And the salad and shrimp and tamales and French fries, of course, too. But you know all this. 502 Nelson Street, Greenville, (662) 334-3315

5 Catfish Allison at The Crown INDIANOLA
Fried catfish is delicious, but these days so easy to find, even beyond the Delta. Not true when it comes to this buttery dish, served up in Indianola’s classic restaurant. A necessary lunch stop. 112 Front Avenue, Indianola, (662) 887-4522

6 Pork sandwich at The Blue Biscuit INDIANOLA Best barbecue in the Delta is always going to be a contentious title. But if you’ve ever watched Trish Berry hand-season a pork shoulder, you’ll know why this sandwich is bound to make a visitor smile. 501 Second Street, Indianola, (662) 645-0258

7 Coconut cream pie at Walnut Hills VICKSBURG
Vicksburg is at least an hour from every other stop on this list. And this pie is worth that drive. 1214 Adams Street, Vicksburg, (601) 638-4910

8 Happy Hour Charcuterie Platter at Delta Meat Market CLEVELAND
To prove that we’re not all steaks and soul food, I take a visitor by Cleveland on a Friday night. The menu’s always changing, but you can count on Cole Ellis to serve up some of his house-cured meats. 118 North Sharpe Avenue, Cleveland,(662) 444-6328

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