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In 1958 a newly married Charles Weeks and his wife spent the night in Greenville, Mississippi, on the way from their wedding in Natchez. At that time Mr. Weeks was a school teacher in New Orleans and also worked at Frostop, a drive-in restaurant franchise headquartered in the Crescent City. As they drove 82 Mrs. Weeks noticed a Frostop and mused at the possibility that they could end up running that store someday. Someday happened in 1961 when the Weeks borrowed enough to buy the now closed Greenville location. The Weeks opened Frost Top on January 18, 1962. Mr. Weeks credits St. Joe and Greenville High students for their early success. “They would come during lunch break and after ball games and could get a Lot-O-Burger, fries and a root beer float for a dollar.”

Two years later, Mr. Weeks bought Pasquale’s Pizza and moved it from Highway 1 next to the Plaza (then Cinema) Movie Theatre. He hired Nonnie Rossetti who had immigrated with her parents to the U.S. from Italy in the early 1900s. She was like an “Italian grandmother and all the kids loved her.” Mr. Weeks and his family and a handful of employees served great food and treated everyone that came through their doors well. Frostop was one of the first restaurants in Greenville to serve both black and white patrons. The Weeks sold both iconic restaurants in 2005. The new owner combined the restaurants and moved them to their current location in 2010.

Ask anyone from Greenville what the best dish is at Pasquale’s, and you’ll get answers are as varied as the menu. But all recite their favorite with a wistful look and a hungry grin. The most common favorites are: the roast beef sandwich with thin sliced beef, loads of brown gravy and slick of slaw or a hoagie with Italian meats, pizza sauce, melted mozzarella and pickles. Both are served on a soft garlic-glazed roll and a Sandwich Platter comes with your choice of 2 sides including French fries and spaghetti. Folks also rave about Pasquale’s Pizza with its signature thin crust and a bevy of inexpensive but classic toppings, their clzones and the garlic cheese bread.

Ask about Frostop and the answer is almost universally the same: Lot-O-Burger and a Root Beer Float. Frostop also offers Catfish Sandwiches and Plates as well Hot Dogs. Both the Lot-O-Burger and the Hot Dog are also mighty fine with cheese, chili and slaw. Taste a bite of Greenville history!

by LeAnne Gault, DELTA Magazine 2012


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