Easy Ornament Cookies

By giftshop  |  November 6, 2017  | 

Christmas Ornament Cookies

So easy, so fun! Let these simple cookies inspire your creativity, and let the kids get involved.There are so many possibilities and fun creations waiting to be made by little hands!

Chocolate wafer sandwich cookies
White chocolate for melting
Miniature M&Ms for decorating
Miniature peanut butter cups

Dip cookie into melted chocolate and lay on a wire rack over wax paper for easy clean up. Place a miniature peanut butter cup for the “top” holding in place a few seconds till secure. Decorate with candies while chocolate is still soft.

Tips: If chocolate begins to thicken add a teaspoon of shortening (such as Crisco) when reheating to keep glossy.

Spray rack with baking non-stick spray before placing cookie on it, so it will lift off rack with ease.

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