3 hot spots to COOL DOWN

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Ready to make some ice cream memories this summer? On the road or in the kitchen, here are some spots and flavors not to miss. – Boyce Upholt

Float in for frozen fun: The Holy Moly Drug StoreHoly-Moly-web

Adrian Kosky didn’t have to see Clarksdale to know it was his perfect spot. This Australian musician and “chronic revitalizer” read about the town and knew at once he had to come. In 2012, on his fourth visit in six years, Kosky and his partner, Carla Maxwell, became property owners in a big way. They bought the old Masonic Temple downtown. They didn’t plan on ice cream. “What we really wanted to do was bring the corner to life again,” Kosky says. “A place for people to enjoy and share with all ages and types of people.” But the couple noticed the “drugs” sign outside of the building, signaling its one-time use as a pharmacy. They were inspired to buy an old-fashioned soda fountain. That led in turn to ice cream and the Holy Moly Drug Store was born, the name honoring the exclamation merited by the building’s size. Upstairs they’ve built a theater, dining hall, meeting rooms, and a guest house, and plan to keep innovating to lure visitors to their new hometown. Their ice cream offerings are ever changing, too. From a humble start serving scoops of vanilla, they’ve expanded to handmade lunches and cold-pressed juices, sundaes, shakes—and delicious ice cream concoctions suitable only for adults: two varieties of beer floats and a four-shot espresso milkshake that’ll wake you right up. 218 3rd Street, Clarksdale

Hey yo: Delta Dairy

When Matty Bengloff and Suzette Matthews arrived in the Delta as teachers, they never dreamed they’d be here nearly a decade later, running a local froyo shop. But after they fell in love—first with this place, then with each other—they noticed that their adopted hometown could use a place downtown for students and families to relax and socialize over treats. It didn’t hurt that Suzette realized her new husband was “stir crazy”—his words. He always needs something to hold his attention. Now most weekends, you can find him working at this welcoming little storefront, now specializing in yogurt, ice cream, custard, and the best ice cream sandwiches around. 113 South Sharpe Avenue, Cleveland 

Rolling Fork
Shake it up: Chuck’s Dairy Bar Chucks_web2 (1 of 1)
Head out for a south Delta adventure. Highway 61 will carry you through a landscape mostly empty of people, just wide-open fields and back highways awaiting your wandering eye. There are zealots who will drive hours for a burger at Chuck’s Dairy Bar, which opened in 1964, and still offers that classic, old-fashioned style. The Chuck Burger, less famous than it deserves to be, is served topped with slaw on a toasted bun, just as it always has, and the chocolate shake will run you just three bucks. What better way to end a day out on the roads? 20668 Highway 61 North, Rolling Fork

Delta Magazine, July/August 2015

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