Recipes: Delta Classics

Smoked Catfish Deviled Eggs

Smoked Catfish Paté Deviled Eggs This Delta riff on deviled eggs made with The Crown Restaurant’s smoked catfish paté had been in my head for years, so it was fun to finally make them off-the-cuff and ask friends for feedback! …
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Duck Poppers

Here’s a familiar Mississippi Delta dish cooked by duck hunters on the grill but rarely, if ever, seen on restaurant menus. “It’s a churched up version of the redneck variety everybody does at home and the hunting camp,” says 1933 …
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The Crown’s Catfish Salad

A Mississippi Delta take on chicken salad served for more than 20 years in downtown Indianola
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Shish Kabob

Family suppertime classic from the Dinner with Friends menu, Fall 2012
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Hot Tamales Wrapped in Bacon

Retro bite-sized pick-ups inspired by a Delta party appetizer from bygone days.
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