2023 Delta Dog Photo Contest — Adopted/Rescued

• Voting will take place Wednesday, August 9 – Sunday, August 13
You may vote ONCE PER DAY for up to 3 dog photos in each category during the voting period

34 thoughts on “2023 Delta Dog Photo Contest — Adopted/Rescued”

  1. From the old animal shelter on Anderson!
    I gave Brandy to my granddaughter for her 13th Birthday! Brandy is now 14 or 15 years old and thriving!!! A real Treasure!?

  2. This sweet baby is probably one of the last from the shelter on Anderson Blvd in Clarksdale(2009). At the time, it was a back and forth kill shelter. Susan Kelly adopted her for my daughter as a birthday present. After moving all over the country(which included enjoying running along the California Coast), she is living out her life with Rachel in Gallatin, TN. She has touched(literally) so many peoples’ hearts everywhere we’ve lived! She certainly deserves the vote to brace the cover! I hope this little story gives her the win!!!???

  3. I am hoping that this dog will gain weight and look like the dog he once was. Looks like a sweet dog. Thanks for rescuing him!

  4. My sweet Brandy. 14 years ago I was volunteering at the Clarksdale animal shelter. The shelter was in such poor condition and the animals too. I fell in love with Brandy and begged my grandmother to pay her adoption fee for my 13th birthday. I took her home and have her to this day. She is such a special dog and I cant imagine life without her. She is 14 years old now and slowing down. My days left with her are numbered and I would love to honor her by having her photo in Delta Magazine as she is a true rescued Delta Dog!

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