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Delta Magazine celebrates the uniqueness of the Delta and the lifestyle enjoyed here. With each issue, we explore the music, art, history and food of the Delta , giving credence to the notion that this truly is “the South’s South.”
Delta Magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis. Our subscriptions reach 47 states and even the UK. We distribute to five Southeastern states including: Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. After sixteen years of business, we continue to offer new ways for our advertisers to meet their business goals through print and digital media. 

Account Executives

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Cristen Hemmins | 662.801.5357 |

Kristy Kitchings | 662.588.2869 |
Wendy Mize | 662.347.5837 |
Ann Nestler | 662.822.1919 |
Stacye Trout | 662.832.6771 |
Cadey True | 662.902.3434 |

  • What our advertisers say...

    Having a small business is a daily struggle. Some days are better than others but yet you never give up because it’s your customers that you get to see, you get to know and it’s the friends I’ve made along the way. I have so many children I get hugs from and more pretend children/grandchildren than my heart could ever imagine. One day a representative from the Delta Magazine walked in and asked if I would like to advertise. I knew in my mind “How can you afford this”. Delta Magazine is my favorite and yet I could actually be a part of it, there’s no way. Well, there was a way -- I took the smallest ad out for McCall and Company and it was a hit. Actually, the first ad was of Baker and Lawson and I’ve kept the picture on our wall as I watch them grow and thank Delta Magazine for helping my business grow. It’s not just the advertising, it’s also the special items they advertise for you throughout the magazine. I’ve had people call from as far as South Carolina to see if I would ship an item they saw in Delta Magazine!  They say there is no place like the Delta; Well, there is no place better to grow your business than Delta Magazine!

    What our advertisers say...
    Tonya Moore