Blue & White for the Holidays


Incorporating chinoiserie into seasonal decor

Decorating our homes for the holidays is a favorite custom, starting with the rich fall hues at Thanksgiving to the red, green, and metallic accents at Christmas. This year we’ve decided to throw something different into our traditional seasonal decor using pieces we already have out on display—specifically blue and white chinoiserie containers and accessories. They look amazing year-round, so no need to put them away for the holidays. We mixed in favorite estate sale finds, found objects and simple yard clippings and—we think you’ll agree—ended up with stunning results!

Traditional Holiday

     A mix of silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus with fresh cedar cuttings fill the chinoiserie ginger jars. The Victorian mantel is lined with more cedar, and accented with blue and white ceramic balls, pine cones, and faux red berries. Red candles glow in an antique silver candelabra snagged at an estate sale. 
     ESTATE SALE FINDS: Silver candelabra
     GREENERY/CUTTINGS: Cedar clippings, pine cones and eucalyptus (Cleveland Fresh)
     BLUE AND WHITE: Ginger jars and ceramic ornamental balls, Rosson Co.   


Crisp and Casual

     Casual assortments of dried hydrangea, pigweed, and dried crape myrtle berries fill blue and white vases, and are reflected in the vintage gold-leaf mirror. Brass candle sticks and antler sheds flank each end of a traditional white mantel which is filled in with nandina cuttings, small gourds, and pumpkins.  A basket full of nandina fills the firebox which once burned coal.
     ESTATE SALE FINDS: Gold-leaf mirror, brass candlesticks
    GREENERY/CUTTINGS: Nandina, dried hydrangea, dried crape myrtle berries, pigweed
     BLUE AND WHITE: Vases, Delta Party Rental   


Sophisticated and Unexpected

     Silver wine buckets lined with moss hold faux white narcissus bulbs—a classic Christmas bloom. The antique chinoiserie platter and other blue and white accents add an unexpected theme to this festive design. Vintage white pheasants and inexpensive gold-glitter balls are scattered along the lacy bunches of cedar and eucalyptus.     
    ESTATE SALE FINDS: Silver wine buckets and vintage white ceramic pheasants
     GREENERY/CUTTINGS: Cedar and eucalyptus clippings: faux narcissus, Rosson Co.
     BLUE AND WHITE: Platter and other accents, Neysa’s Fireside Shop



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