Free Birds

By JIM BEAUGEZ  •  Photography by GREG CAMPBELL Lynyrd Skynyrd was one of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands in America. Then the unthinkable happened.      Southern rock ‘n’ rollers Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose iconic songs “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird” have become cross-generational anthems, were riding high in October 1977.  The addition of Steve …

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Form & Function

by KATIE TIMS  •  Photography by LOGAN KIRKLAND Uniquely beautiful, Spence Helms’ custom knives are made to hold an edge      A fine line separates art form from function, and that’s precisely where Spence Helms hones his craft. With twenty-four years of bladesmithing to his credit, this Mississippian transformed a passing fancy into an all-consuming …

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