2023 DELTA DOG Photo Contest Winners

     With 151 entries and a total of 4,927 total votes, we were once again astounded at the participation in our sixth annual Delta Dog Photo Contest! We can tell how much you love to show off your favorite canines from the Delta and beyond. 

     This year, the readers’ choice overall winner is a British Labrador Retriever from Little Rock, Arkansas, named Toddy, who is striking a majestic pose on a foggy morning. Choosing the overall winner, is certainly no easy task, but still a lot of fun, as we look through the hundreds of photos! After spending untold hours, our editing team is thrilled to present the editors’ choice overall winner, Maely, a Labrador Retriever, from Mount Olive, Mississippi, standing proudly with a beautiful Mallard retrieved from the water 

     On the following pages, we present the readers’ choice place winners in each category: Adopted/Rescue, Dogs at Play, Sporting Dogs, and Puppies. Our deepest thanks to everyone who took the time to submit photos, to vote, and share their beloved dogs with us!


EDITORS’ CHOICE Overall Winner:

Maely, Labrador Retriever, 
submitted by Zeke Maddox of Mount Olive

OVERALL Readers' Choice winner – Toddy

READERS’ CHOICE Overall Winner:
Toddy, British Labrador Retriever, 
submitted by Doug McNeely of Little Rock, Arkansas

1st Place:
Hannah, Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix,
submitted by Shea Crowder of Greenwood

2nd Place:
Brandy, mixed breed,
submitted by Rachel Lilly of Gallatin, Tennessee

AR 3rd place LeeLee

3rd Place:
LeeLee, Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix,
submitted by Rachel Pearl Roberts of Tillatoba


DAP 1st place Jax

1st Place:
Jax, Labrador Retriever,
submitted by Melanie Griffin of Louisville

DAP 2nd place Beau

2nd Place:
Beau, Standard Poodle,
submitted by Forrest Hodge of Greenwood

DAP 3rd place Emma Franklin

3rd Place:
Emma Franklin, Boykin Spaniel,
submitted by June Knight of Greenwood


SD 1st place Pete

1st Place:
Pete, White English Labrador Retriever,
submitted by Ingram McCaskill of Leland

SD 2nd place River

2nd Place:
River, German Shorthaired Pointer,
submitted by Baylie Hughes of Summit

SD 3rd place Ruger

3rd Place:
Ruger, Deutsch Drahthaar,
submitted by Michael Oswalt of Madison


Pup 1st place Cooper

1st Place:
Cooper, Labrador Retriever,
submitted by Kristin Orr of Clarksdale

Pup 2nd place Scout

2nd Place:
Scout, Brittany Spaniel,
submitted by Mimi Speyerer of Madison

Pup 3rd place Nugget

3rd Place:
Nugget, Golden Retriever,
submitted by Whitley Wright of Madison


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