This year marks the fifth anniversary of our annual Delta Dog Photo Contest. Each year the number of participants has grown, with 168 entries and a total 4,623 votes this year! Our participants love to show off the best pups in the Delta and beyond, and rest assured, it’s no easy task (but still a lot of fun) to pick the overall winner. After much consideration, our editing team was thrilled with Rook, a Fox Red British Labrador from Madison who clearly loves retrieving waterfowl. The readers’ choice overall winner, a Cocker spaniel named Dot, strikes a photogenic pose perched on her red Jeep, looking over the fields. Lucky Dot placed first in votes in the Sporting Dog category as well! 

We present Rook and Dot, as well as all the remaining readers’ choice place winners below.  Our deepest thanks to everyone who took the time to submit photos, to vote, and share their beloved dogs with us!


EDITOR'S CHOICE OVERALL WINNER: Rook, Fox Red British Labrador, submitted by Peyton Case of Madison
READER'S CHOICE OVERALL WINNER: Dot, Cocker Spaniel, submitted by Malone Gregory of Greenwood
FIRST PLACE: Howard Street Howard, Mixed Breed, submitted by Danielle Morgan of Carrollton
SECOND PLACE: DAISY, German Shorthaired Pointer mix and MILO, Golden Retriever mix, submitted by Haley Moore of Minter City
Adopted:Rescued 3rd place, Tippy
THIRD PLACE:: Tippy, Yorkie/Terrier mix, submitted by Diana McDowell of Cleveland


Dogs at Play 1st Place, Charlie
FIRST PLACE: Charlie, Labrador/Chesapeake Bay Retriever, submitted by Keely McGinty of Yazoo City
Dogs at Play 2nd Place, Jax
SECOND PLACE: Jax, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Melanie Griffin of Louisville
Processed with VSCO with l4 preset
THIRD PLACE: Finley, Golden Retriever, submitted by Ann Granville Heaton of Clarksdale


Sporting 1st Place, Dot
FIRST PLACE: Dot, Cocker Spaniel, submitted by Malone Gregory of Greenwood
SECOND PLACE: Grizz, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Zachary Flowers of Clarksdale
Sporting 3rd Place, Hoss
THIRD PLACE: Hoss, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Brennan Collins of Clarksdale


FIRST PLACE: Willow, English Cream Golden Retriever, submitted by Carley Brown of Cleveland
Puppies 2nd Place, Etta
SECOND PLACE: Etta, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Brad Armstrong of Madison
Puppies 3rd Place, Archie
THIRD PLACE: Archie, Golden Retriever, submitted by Abby and James Hudgins of Greenwood

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