Overall Winner
FIRST PLACE: Loki, Schnauzer Mix, submitted by Katie Willis of Memphis, Tennessee
Overall 2nd Place Sara Beth
SECOND PLACE: Sara Beth, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Emily Nichols of Duncan


Sporting 1st Place Moss
FIRST PLACE: Moss, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Courtney McNeer of Greenwood
Rocko (Labrador Retriever)
SECOND PLACE: Rocko, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Libby MacNealy of Madison
Sporting 3rd Place Bella
THIRD PLACE: Bella, British Labrador Retriever, submitted by Bailey Lincoln of Oxford


Dogs at Play 1st Place – Jax
FIRST PLACE: Jax, Labrador Retriever, submitted by Melanie Griffin of Louisville
SECOND PLACE: Murphy, Bluetick Coonhound, submitted by Kyle Kantor of Canton
SECOND PLACE: Murphy, Bluetick Coonhound, submitted by Kyle Kantor of Canton
Dogs at Play 3rd Place – Finley
THIRD PLACE: Finley, Boykin Spaniel, submitted by Alison Cowart of Indianola


Puppies 1st Place – Miller
FIRST PLACE: Miller, Golden Retriever, submitted by Alston Sory of Madison
Puppies 2nd Place – Dolly Pawton
SECOND PLACE: Dolly Pawton, Golden Retriever, submitted by Emily Gatlin of Oxford
Puppies 3rd Place – Indigo
THIRD PLACE: Indigo, Toy Australian Shepherd, submitted by Anne Marie Rhodes of Yazoo City


Adopted_Rescued 1st Place – Blue
FIRST PLACE:Blue, Australian Shepherd & Beagle Mix, submitted by Sam Rayburn of Madison
Adopted_Rescued 2nd Place – LeeLee
SECOND PLACE: LeeLee, German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Mix, submitted by Monica Jackson of Southaven
Adopted_Rescued 3rd Place – Reb
THIRD PLACE: Reb, Beagle, submitted by Holley Luckey of Jackson, Tennessee

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