Delta Dog Contest 2020

They are our loyal companions, protectors, and trusted sidekicks and they bring joy into our lives every day! We are excited that it’s time for the Delta Dog Contest for 2020 and we want to see YOUR best friend on our pages! We are accepting submissions now through July 24 for your chance to see your dog’s photo in the September/October Fall Issue of Delta Magazine.

• No screenshots will be accepted


• Submissions accepted July 13 – July 24
• Participants may submit ONLY ONE photo per category.
• All submitted photos must be High-Resolution photos of at least 300 dpi
• Poor quality images will not be accepted
• No screenshots will be accepted
• The quality, composition, and clarity of all submissions will come under the discretion of the editing team

• No screenshots will be accepted


•Voting will take place on our website, July 27–July 31
• One vote per category
• Votes will determine category winners. First, Second and Third in each category
• Overall winner and honorable mention will be chosen by the Delta Magazine editing team
• All winners’ photos will be published in the September/October issue and the owner will receive a one-year subscription
• The Overall winner will win an 11×14 custom painted pet portrait by artist Sunny Palmisano Eide,


1. Sporting Dogs

They are your partner and constant companion, and they work as hard as you do out in the field or in a duck blind.


2. Dogs At Play

We want to see them having fun doing what they love most; catching frisbees, swimming with the kids, riding in your truck, car or bike basket—whatever makes them smile!


3. Adopted or Rescued Dogs

 Whether you adopted them or they adopted you from a shelter, the street, or a turnrow—Send us a photo of your rescue dog!


4. Puppies

  Wiggly, sweet and a little smelly—who doesn’t love puppies? We want to see yours!