Off the Beaten Path: The Artisan Baker

The Artisan Baker – Yazoo City
By Angela Rogalski

A truly unique shop is tucked away in Yazoo City and is probably one of the one of the only bakeries that exclusively makes their own homemade granola and pizza dough balls. Owners Lane and Allan Ewing of The Artisan Baker say the difference in their products is that everything is made from scratch, straight out of The Artisan Baker kitchen, and in the techniques they use to create their products.

“We sell our granola through our Facebook page and we can also sell it to you from our kitchen here in Yazoo City,” she says. “We have three different types of granola: Urban Hippie Granola, Plain Jane Granola and Blues Trail Granola, each with its own unique flavor. And not only do I retail the granola, I also wholesale it. Cups in Madison buys it from us to use in their yogurts and parfaits. And Black’s here in Yazoo carries it, and I’m hoping to get it to other locations.”

As for the pizza dough balls, Ewing adds that the technique they use to make the dough and how they let it ferment, makes The Artisan Baker’s dough balls very special, which in turn, makes the pizza taste special.

“We hand cut and roll each dough ball,” she says. “Right now, we make our frozen pizza balls for a restaurant called Angelo’s in Gluckstadt, near Jackson. They use our dough to make their pizzas and then they add their own excellent toppings. The combination together is great, so it makes a terrific pizza. We also make breads and cakes for Angelo’s.”

79 Richard’s Lane, Yazoo City
662-998-0348 or, visit their Facebook page: ArtisanBakerGranola 




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