2019 Sept/Oct Features

Hog Hunting

By Hank Burdine Photography by Melody Golding Danger delivers excitement in the Delta’s woods and swamps. Howard Brent, owner and proprietor of Panther Tract, a 4,600-acre private hunting preserve in Yazoo County that borders Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, is a true Mississippi Deltan with a heart as big as the Mississippi River, from whence

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Taylor’s Wonderbird Spirits

Taylor’s Wonderbird Spirits By Tom Speed Photography Courtesy of Timothy Ivy Mississippi’s first grain-to-glass distillery uses Delta-grown rice. Ancient mythologies are rife with images of majestic birds, a species that symbolized freedom, power, and wonder. The mighty griffin. The phoenix. Native American myths, too, focus on the majesty of our feathered friends. Far removed from

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